Picnic at Barham Vines

Romantic picnic for two set amongst the vines, includes picnic table, boxed cheeses and charcuterie, bottle of Barham Vines wine, Echuca Chocolate Company chocolates, glasses, napkins, packaged in a Barham Vines cooler bag.

Please select the wine that you would like included.

Picnics require a minimum of twenty four hours to prepare, click here to advise us when you wish to collect your picnic.



  • 1 Cabernet-Shiraz

    1 2015 Cabernet Shiraz Blend

  • 1 Cabernet

    2016 Cabernet

  • 2 Cabernet

    2017 Cabernet

  • 1 Shiraz

    2016 Shiraz

  • 2 Shiraz

    2017 Shiaz

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